Elifant Archaeo-Culinary Tours


A new concept in small-group travel

Elifant Archaeo-Culinary Tours are unique, week-long trips for sophisticated travelers who delight in learning about the ancient world while indulging in the culinary present. You’ll experience fascinating site visits, meals, and tastings led by two savvy experts. Satiate your hunger—and your inquiring mind.

Meet us in New York January 26–28 at the New York Times Travel Show. 


Windmills, cave dwellings, salt pans, cranu stumpatu*

Even on your umpteenth trip to Italy, we can still amaze you. Our themed cultural tours invite you to look at familiar places in a new light and discover much that is delightful
(and delicious). 

Won’t you join us on the dark side of Vesuvius?

    *Hint: It’s for lunch.


April 16–23, 2018

From Greeks to Romans to Byzantines, Saracens, and Normans, the waves of diverse peoples who settled southeastern Italy left their mark on its food and culture.

October 8–15, 2018

One of Italy’s most exotic regions, Sardinia is more than a playground for the rich. Come for curious prehistoric archaeology and foods found nowhere on the Boot.


But will I fit in?


At Elifant, there’s a seat for everyone at the table. 

History buffs. Art lovers. People who care about the who and the why of traditional food as well as the what. Elifant travelers are curious—and congenial. Many travel solo and enjoy meeting new people. And all appreciate a little pampering. 


Any questions?

Is there a particular museum or site you don’t want to miss? A local specialty you’re eager to taste? We’re here to answer your questions, large and small.

Elizabeth Bartman and Maureen Fant
Principals, Elifant Archaeo-Culinary Tours

Smart. Challenging. Stylish. Always fun.