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Elifant stands for Elizabeth (Bartman) and (Maureen) Fant, your tour hosts. For decades, we’ve been digging, eating, cooking, and studying our way around the ancient Mediterranean, and we’re simply bursting to share our experiences with you. Elifant travelers yearn for classical adventure, gourmet meals, terrific company, and a very comfortable bed. We arrange the details. You enjoy the journey. ... more

Bay of Naples and Beyond

October 9–16, 2017

Paestum to Pozzuoli:  Naples, Italy’s second city and gateway to the South, may have the most beautiful natural setting in Europe—and the biggest heart. We’ll stay at a luxurious seaside hotel on the Sorrento Peninsula followed by a charming hotel in Naples’ historic district while meeting Michelin-starred chefs, local archaeologists, and even a herd of water buffalo along the way. ... more

Basilicata + Puglia

April 16–23, 2018

The Heel and the Hinterland:  From Greeks to Romans to Byzantines, Saracens, and Normans, the waves of diverse peoples who settled southeastern Italy left their mark on its food and culture. Our itinerary spans the legacies of colonists and conquerors alike, with visits to Tarentum, Metapontum, Lecce, and several UNESCO World Heritage sites. The local durum wheat? Some say it makes the best bread in Italy. And pasta. Lamb scented with wild local herbs, well, divine. Travel in this trip—just great style and comfort in this remote, stunning, and extremely hospitable region of Magna Graecia. ... more


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“Liz and Maureen are a great team. As true experts in their respective fields, they added a dimension to the overall experience that would be impossible to match. Plus they both have a great sense of humor and were fun to be around.”

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What is an archaeo-culinary tour?

“I had been to Rome a couple of times, but this trip
was unique—a perfect blend of history, archaeology, food from antiquity, and contemporary Italian meals. Plus we had access to sites that individuals and other groups would never get to see.”