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“I wish that Elifant Tours went everywhere. I would never travel any other way again.”


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Basilicata and Puglia, April 16–23, 2018

Sardinia, October 8–15, 2018

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Our tour to Sicily in Spring 2017 is sold out.



In today’s world of confusing travel options, Elifant provides a niche for the seasoned traveler who wants a special trip that combines learning with great eating. Elizabeth Bartman and Maureen Fant, Elifant’s founders and principals, accompany every tour so that each day includes expert commentary on the places we visit and delicious meals without equal on an organized excursion.

Even if you’re on your umpteenth trip to Rome or Naples, we are absolutely sure you’ll experience it in a new way with us. Elifant’s trips are exceptional experiences for the exceptional tourist. We promise in-depth, challenging cultural exploration. And tons of delicious fun. 

Elifant Archaeo-Culinary Tours are unique, intimate trips for a handful of experienced travelers who delight in learning about the ancient world while indulging in the culinary present. 

Whether we’re admiring an emperor’s seaside dining room, marveling at the warehouses in ancient ports, or examining ceramic cooking pots in little-known museums, our itineraries are built around ancient food, food supply, cooking, and eating. And our intellectually stimulating site visits are punctuated by fantastic local meals, tastings, and other food-related activities—always in a cultural context. 

Read our FAQs for our approach.


"The best two weeks of eating of my life."
— Bob D., Los Angeles

“I wish that Elifant Tours went everywhere. I would never travel any other way again.”
—Patty H., Boston

 ‟... more like traveling with a few acquaintances than with an organized group ...”
—Sandra C., San Francisco

‟... it is a pleasure to be in a small group on a tour that is so well researched and thoughtfully planned and presented.”
—Annette M., Princeton

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